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So today was the day that I shoud have got my Spore Creature Creator. The only thing I got was the free one witch for the most part sucks. The one that I pre-ordered will not get here till after 1PM now. So I din’t get it like I was hoping i was going to on my week end. It was not all a loss. I got to chat with a few people in Vanguard today. I allso got my younger brother a copy of the game. We are start off with new toons and going to level up together. I had to keep hearing all night thats not the way EQ2 does it. I know he just needs time to get over the new game part. When I got him to move from EQ to EQ2 thats the same way he was. I’ll give him a week and he should be over it.

Any way this one will be short I had a long day and it’s gitting late and I have work in the morning.

Alik Steel


June 18, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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