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Part 2

8) CraftsSame as Classes I will keep it to the basic skills. Allso I am not a real big crafter so not a layed out idea here. Allso any race can do any Trade skill. The 6 basic skills you know what they do so I will by pass them.


Iron workers

Wood workers




(note) Crafters will have there on solo Quest ,group Quest ,and Raids. yes cratfter raids. The one thing I would chang is this idea that crafters are solo people. Sure for the basic crafting and skilling up can be solo. I just want crafting to be more of a group thing. Groups and larger quest for crafters will not be every one go do your thing and come back here to put it together. I want it to be all at one time. you all go where ever this quest is. Maybe a farm or some thing. The farm needs a new wind mill. Not sure how I woulld have the cook’s be a part of it(don’t know that much about cooks) ,But a windmill would take ever skill class to put it all together. Every one would work on the windmill at the same time. The group would work out of the same window. and as things happen each class would have to deal with it. That why you are all apart of making some thing together.

OK need to break here. At this point we have covered this basic MMO with a little twist to it.Now I am going to get into more of the things that I have/had wished for at lest once in some MMO.

9) Jobs

NPC all have jobs. Most with out rest. What if you could do there jobs for them. See that level 30 Guard at the gate keeping all the low level mobs from geting into the keep. Well you could do is job and givehim a little down time. You would be paid to do this job. You allso could add faction into the pay.How about that shop keep. Does she ever go home? Now she can ,you can watch the shop for her and sell her stuff. Get a little money while doing a job. You could allway add things like after doing a job for some one like a shop keeper then you get dicounts from them.There is so meny thing that you could do with this I just wanted to get the idea out there.

10) Role Playing

I will try to hold myself back here. RP is what it is all about. What most people seem to forget is the last three letters of all most every big MMO and that is RPG. RPG role playing game so with that name in every MMO why is it that a lot of people don’t want to amit that they are role players? Well if you play a mmorpg then you are a role plater and there is nothing that you can do about it. What do you think Lore is about? What about that Quest? this is all part of role playing. Do you think that if you say you are a role player then you become a super geek? RP is fun and can be done in so meny ways. Most people don’t even know that they are doing it. But I will keep this short. I will do a post just for role playing later. For now only one long blog at a time.Harvesting can be turned into a RP deal. Just by making players who want the hard core PR feel of things. You can only take so much stuff with you. Unless you have a donkey or some thing to deal with the wight. I like the way when you cut a tree down in Vanguard it FALLS down. Wow some thing so small can add big RP. I can’t stand the way you go mine in any MMO that I have ever played. I want to go deal with a cave some where to dig. Are have it where the longer you dig in one place a hole starts to be dug. and the deeper you make it the more stuff you can harvest from it.

OK so let me make a small advencher & crafter list here allso. becouse it ties into my RP



Thief would be skilled at stealing from players and NPC’s. A thief can do thing that no othere can. They can hide loot. Say you are in the woods a good long ways out from any town or outpost and you all run out of room for more loot. The Thief can hide your loot and give you a map to it. So later on you can all ways come back for your things.A Thief can allso find things like lost loot. This loot would allways be in a bad area and he woulld need help getting to it.



Every one need a mount. no mater if its to get you from point A to point B or just to hold all your stuff. The tamers is where they come from. Tamers can allso sell to the shop keeps for good money. Tamers allso do pets for you. They give your pets the basic skills to be a good worker for you.Tamers an even sell a beast to the Cooks to be slaughter for food.

Mayor:Are what ever you want to call them. I would like a good mix of SWG and Vanguards way of things. You help run towns and you can even turn a evil town good or the othere way around.

(note) There are meny more classes of RP ,but I will stop there for now. maybe one or two more will pop up before the end of the blog.

11) Race

I would love to have 30+ races to play ,but I will try my best to keep this down to a few. Wish me luck. I will allso just give the names unless I feel that you may not know what I am talking about.

Human ,Elf’s ,Dwarf ,Halfling ,Gnome ,Barbarian ,Troll ,Gaint ,Orc

Ok so I am stilling here big time but it’s what I like. This next set is allso being taken from othere MMO’s. They are all half human

Rat ,Fox ,Wolf ,Cat ,Lizard ,Bird ,Frog(got to love frogloks) ,moving on…

12) Traveling

I would like this to be more RP wise. No you can’t just pop any where. You could use thing that would port you from one land to anothere. It just would not be with in 10 feet you go in the game. I would like to use boats and players. EQ had it where you had to get othere players to port you places. I like that and would like to see it back. I think there is meny was they cold get you from one place to anothere with out say POP and your there. I know that there is a lot of people that don’t have time to travel and play when all you have is two hours of game time. Thats why you can pay anothere player to take you there.

Well thats just a little of what my MMO would be like.

Alik Steel


June 15, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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