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What a MMO would have in it ,if I had a say in it. Part 1

A few blogs came out about a month ago on GAX asking what the 5 top things you think a MMO should have. The blogs made me start thinking what would a MMO be like if I was able to say what was in it and what was not. Now I think this would be more of my dreem MMO. If it would be fun I will never know. This is all the things that I wished for at one time or another. Hmmm I think I need to cut this up in to parts of an MMO. Just to try to keep myself from going way off track. Allso to help it make more sense. I think we can cut it in to 10 parts to cover the things I want to.

1) Style
Fantasy worlds would be where it would start for me. I still love the way of the old fantasy world feels from the fairy tales of my childhood. When I say Fantasy world most people think of WOW or EQ type of worlds. I would move time up some. The begaining of the industrial age trying to take hold in the fairy tale world.

2) Level(ing) and Skills
Start off with level 50 cap. and add as the game went on. level 1 – 10 would be the fastest XP in the game and slowly slowing down from there. By the time you hit 40 you are in the grind. After that the XP would stay the same on any level past 40. Even when the new levels come out. Here is my thang ,There would only be one type of level for the game. Adventure ,Crafter ,Politicians would all be on the same level. No more adventure class level 50 and crafter class level 10. There would be only one level. Every thing would be based off of skill. Every time you make it to the next tier in your skills you go up one level over all. There would be five tiers to start with. So no matter what you was going up in skill with. When your skill took you to the next teir you moved up a level over all. I think this was a little like the way SWG did it at first. Every time you go up in level ,you can do all things for that level. This does not mean you will be good at it. it will be bases off of your skill.

3) World
My world would be some what like Vanguard witch does not have zones. I would zone a little of mine. Like Player housing and citys. would be zoned. that way you could add more if needed. or take away from the ones that are never used. I would allso make raiding areas be zoned. That way every one would be able to play for the same boss at the same time.
Players would be able to add to the world or take away from it. Like by adding roads. The crafters of the world would be able to place markers to where they want to lay the road. After the Dev’s OK the rd then the Crafters can start to lay the road. All roads would have to start at a city and end at atown or bigger. Not sure what game it was ,but at lest one MMO I played had it where if you was to run on the road you got a small speed buff. So it would make it some thing that would make players want. Players would be able to help make new citys in the world. These would not be player ran ,but ares that players come to get togethere and if they make road(s) to the area. After that you would have to place a marker there. After the maker was placed the Dev’s would look to see if that was a good place to placy a small town. It would have a few things that you would want in a city. As time went on the Players could do things that would be able to add to the town and make it in to a full city. The down side of this is that the bigger the city is. Means less mobs ,and they would start off as very low mobs close to the town. You could mess up a good hunting grounds so that would make the Players of the game think before just trying to add new towns every where.With all player made thing comes upkeep. What ever the player made world thing is made of. Player would have to stop by from time to time and add that harvestable raw.
Technology has moved on some and we have concrete building ,black powder guns ,Iron and steel mechanisms driven by hydraulics. Magical wands , Steel wealpons ,and iron hammers would allso be there to. The old and the new.
In this world you have hunters and the hunted. Say a wolf pack runs across a deer. The wolf wil go for the kill. then the pack of wolfs would drag the dead deer back to there home. Eat ,Sleep then go Hunting again.

As in all MMO’s there would be your city NPC’s such as Shop works and guards. Quest givers and the rest.Trolls ,Orcs ,Elfs ,and gaints are still there. Goblins still making problems for every one and Dragons rule the skys.Player made citys in there own zone would be able to have NPC’s come stay in the towns.
There would be NO making the level 70 wolf 10times the size of the level 10 wolf. Level does not all ways mean bigger. I would have the color code style of sizing your mob up. grean means go and red means no. I like the 5 point system two under your level and two over your level.

5) Combat & Agro
Lets look at agro first.Hunters and the Hunted. Not every thing is out to get you ,but some are. Say there is a deer your hunting. It would try and run from you if you get to close. Unless you attack is babby then you may have a add on you. You all so will have pack hunters. This could be from small packs say 2 or 3 to large pack of 10 or more. Unlike most MMO’s where you are allway the one who has to go look for things to kill. The hunters of the game will come hunting for you if your up wind of them.
Combat is some thing done well in most MMO’s and I would do only a little to it. Like have a auto lock on in options. I like how you can stun a mob and then move to its side or back to get a hight hit on it. I would add extra spells bottons that would not cost any power or dexterity to use. I t would allso be able to use as soon as it was done. It would only do very small DPS to the mob. When you run out of what ever powers your skill this could be used. Or it could be used as a filler ,so that you could keep as much power or dexterity as you can for your big spells.

6) Class
Ok for me there would be way to meny so I will try my best to keep this with end say 12 classes.


Guardian for the humans. They would get ito aIron and steel made mechanisms driven by hydraulics.

Knights for your larger races. They would wear a steel and iron plated suit.

Warrior for the small races. they would wear steel and iron plates. with thick helmets

Short range:

Fighter for the Humans. They would wear Medium armor and would be fast.

Crusader for the large races. medium armor for more speed.

Bruiser for the small races. medium armor for fast in and outs.

long ranged:

Gunner for the Humans. Light armor and wields a gun.

Sorcerer for the large races. Light armor and they are magician that wield a magical staff.

Wizard for the small races. Light armor and are magical people that wield a wand.


Medic for the human. Medic’s are the hardest healer class becouse they have to be right on top of the person they are healing.

Cleric For the Large races. A Cleric with a magical staff in hand can heal from behide the fight.

Priest for the short races. Will be able to heal from a far.

(note) in hopes for trying to keep this blog from going on for ever I am only giving you three classes of the 4 types of classes. each type would have 6 skills to pick from. 24 classes in all.

7) PvP
I like Free for all (FFA) style of play. I would put some down sides to it. Like becoming a outlaw to all. Every time you kill some one 10 levels below your level. You git a point. when you have kill 50 low level people you become an outlaw. Eery NPC in the game will be KOS(kill on sight) to you. Untill you have been killed 30 times by an NPC. Now if your a low level that starts the fight ,and you are killed by the higher level player. Then there is no points given to the 10+ high level player.

This is getting long and I will be sunday getting done woth it. So I will just post this first part.


June 14, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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