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Ok no matter how pumped I am about being back in the MMO world I do have a new game coming out this year. Spore comes out in a few months and its Spore Creature Creator will be coming out on the 17th of this month so come tusday ,I think thats the 17th ,I will be doing nothing but the Spore Creature Creator. Or I will get it home ,and play with it for a few hours then put it down for Vg or EQ2.

The Spore Creature Creator is like pack you got just before EQ2 came out. If you had gotten the pre-paid copy of EQ2 Then you got a EQ2 Character Creator. So you could play around with making toons that you would play ingame. Thats what the Spore Creature Creator will be. any way thats some thing I am looking for.

Lets talk about VG and EQ2 ,Vanguard saga of heroes is gitting better every time I play it. I am still just level 10 and only get a little XP each night. I find my self looking around at every thing. Now that my PC will let me turn every thing up a good bit. I allso played some EverQuest2 last night. I was able to turn every setting all the way up. Oh my God! It was like I had never seen EQ2 before. Then it allso ran great. no lag are any thing. so played it for a good hour or so.
Just reading what I just said ,tells me that I need to pick at the lest only one game per work night to play. I am going way to slow at both VG and EQ2. No idea how I will find the time for all the othere SOE station pass games that I am going to buy over next year.
So I know I am all over the place ,but I am doing this at work and it seems like every time I get going on a train of thought some one walks in and I have to deal with them. Just to come back and try to find my way again. I will try to pull it togethere and get some thing down.

So how did I come up with the gamer name “Alik Steel”. I did only half the work on the name. EQ2 did the othere half. NO I did not hit the random name thing. Alik Steel started of about 4 months into EQ2 going live. I wanted to play a tank for my brothers group. We was a 3 man group. My brother and our friend was both DPS so I had to make one as a healer or a Tank. I went Tank ,named him “Alabama” not sure if you could even do last names at that time. Are maybe it was that I had not made level 20 yet. Any way Alabama was his name. As you would think there was some that loved it and some that hated it. Thye ones that did not like the name Alabama must had told SOE or maybe they was some of the ones that dis-liked it. I log in one day and was playing when my brother ask what was going on. Thatys when I find out that my name had been changed. I din’t even catch it in the pick your Character page. They renamed him Alik. I was pissed. I wanted to quit. I did for all most an hour. My brother still needed a tank. So logged back on and start to play. Went on playing all night. By the time I logged off that night I was starting to like the name. It was short for one thing. I have all ways hated to do tells or invites to people that have long names. It allso started to grow on me. Then came the last name. When I wa able to give Alik a last name I wanted it to mean some thing. I just din’t want it to be another last name that I came up with out of no where. So I thought what tpye of craft I was. Back way back when thats how a lot of people got there last name. By what job they did. I made weapons. Alik wealpon…..no not that. So what did I do when I was not making the wealpons? I killed thing with my big wealpon….Hmmm whats my wealpon made of? Steel So I work with steel to make the wealpons and I weld a steel wealpon while I am tanking. On top of that I was a steel worker for 2 years in real life. So steel would work on all levels of the last name.Thats how the name Alik Steel became my gamer name.

Alik Steel


June 14, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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