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Sick Day

I stayed home yesterday in hopes that my new PC parts would come in that morning. Last time when I ordered my motherboard from Geeks it came in by 10am by fadex. So when I saw that my vid card ,ram ,and sound card that I ordered from newegg said that it was in rout for delevery by UPS I called in sick to work. I played around for a little even did a little blog. By 8am I had my PC off and vid card out. Thats the way it stayed all day. My order did not show up till after 5pm. I get home around 5:30 after work on the week days. So I stayed home for nothing. Well I had no problem putting all in. I have the 3Dmarks 03 and ran it after each thing was add. in the end I was hiting 29000+ after every thing was in. Before I add any thing and only had my newer mother board in the PC I was running only 8000+ on the 3Dmarks 03. So it was a big jump. It did take a little time to get my Ram to want to play nice with my motherboard. So it was 9pm before I logged in to Vanguard. I had to get up at 3am to make up for the day off. Any way did not get to play with thing that much so I am sure that my new toys will be able to push my games a lot harder than I have ever did. I started off slow and moved my sitting up slow in Vanguard. When I had logged off I had played for right at 2 hours and moved every thing up to the mid setting. I was slamed to the lowest on every thing. Very little sound and any thing that had to do with the video was turned all the way down. I had a 5800 vid card. I just moved up to a 8800GTS I allso went from some slow 1 gig ram to a lot faster 2 gig ram. The last thing was that I added a sound card for the first time ever. I will be playing with the PC more to night and then hitting Vanguard to play with the setting more.
But first I got to pull a all dayer at work. Working day and night shift to make up for yesterday…..
Alik Steel


June 13, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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