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Where am I? (Vanguard)

As I have told you before I am doing the IP that Beau Turkey came up with. I am not using any maps. Thanks to Beau for telling how to git the mini map off my screen. All I have is map in hand and the compus on my screen. For the first week of game play I stayed around my starter town. Sorry can’t think of the name of it right now. I never put the name on paper. Thats Right it’s back to paper and pen for me. Like back in the days of old. EQ style of play. Any way I stayed around the starter town so I could not get lost. Well being that I am off on mondays and tusdays I went for it. I knew that my town was in the south. So I went north.

Headed north was great. I seen and found new areas. Saw lvl 35 things that could take me down in one bite. Some did ,I can see it now thats is over with. Thats how I started getting so lost. I died a few times. Every time took me to a new place. I am low level in the game only 10. So when I die I just buy my stuff back from a big pointy rock thing. Does not realy cost any money just a little XP for now. So like I said I died a few time. After two hours of this I said thats far to much dieing and it’s time to go home. So I looked at all my spells and where the devel is it? I thought I had a call home spell. If I do I never saw it. Time to hot foot it back home. well that two hours north and a few deaths. So two hours south and try not to die. If only that was the way it was going to happen.

Did you know that in vanguard every thing isn’t in a straight. Never thought about that till a few hours in. Every time I died I went to a new pointy rock. So its got to be a distance thing. where ever the closest pointy rock thing is. Is where it sends you. So that means every time I died I was moved ,was it east ,west ,south ,or north I don’t know. I just know it happen a few times Thats what made me finding home so hard. Two days I looked. Yes two real human days. I found myself before I fell asleep thinking of what I was going to do as soon as I woke up in the morning. It was not take out the trash ,cut the grass are any thing like that. It was what have I done so far and what can I do to try and find home.

First thing on tusday I went looking for a town so that I could sell all my loot. My bags was over flowing. Lots of loot to be had when your lost. I think I had started off as level 9 when all this happen. Run from the big bad mob’s and kill the little ones to make my self feel better. After selling and hittin the road then trees. Seemed like I could never stay on the road. Oh look at that and off I went. any way I came across some thing I never seen before. I little man with griffons that would rent me one. I jumped on it and off I went. Now I have never done this before So I went looking around. See what there was to see. I went north. OK so I am not a smart man when it comes to staying on track. Yes I flew north ,but I don’t think I would had if I had knew that I only had a few minutes on the thing. I was flying all over but never where I needed to. Then out of no where for me it was gone ,and I was in the air falling to my death. No I din’t fall to my death. I can down slow and nothing bad happen. Well not from the fall. A level 30 thing ate me. And So I headed south again. never saw that same griffon man again. a few hours latter I did come a cross a nother one. I don’t know if there is a lot of griffon renters in the game are if I just got lucky to come across two of them. I jumped on the new griffons back and headed south.

I never found any thing that looked like home in the 4 minutes of flight ,but I din’t know it then I had gotten real close to my home town. I came across a new road and this time stayed on it. The road took me to a town I had been to when I had first started out north. So with in an hour I was home and that was my week-end.

When I was out in the woods I came across some homes. I did this every few hours. There must be a lot of player home plots in the game. The one thing I liked the most was seeing the guild halls. mid-evel look to them

Any way that was my week end.

Alik Steel


June 11, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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