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Why I wanted to start my own Blog

I have been without the internet for about a year. maybe a month under or over a year ,but it was a very long time for me. Not long after I lost the internet I started working at the cargo center for the airport in my area. It can get slow some times and thats when I found out that I had internet there in the office that I could use to look around the internet. I start off just hitting sites like MMORPG and Massively. Soon I found my self hitting some of the older places that I use to check out like Virginworlds. Then I started working on the weekends and on the slow weelends I started checking out the podcast at virginworlds. As allways Brents was good. then he start the Podcast Collective and I got into Voyages of Vanguard. Troy had started it becouse there had been a few vanguard podcast that drop out. Troy was good ,but soon he felt the calling of EverQuest II. Him and his co-host started on an EQ2 podcast that Troy had. Soon we was only gitting a show once a month. That when Beau Turkey stelp in. Troy handed the show over to him and Beau got Luper to help him host the show. Beau and Luper made the show great. I started bloging a little. When I say a little I may have 5 blogs to date. Any way I have got in a lot better shape and have my internet going again. PC is still being upgraded. First thing I did the night the internet was turned on was buy a download of vanguard and was playing in less than two hours. That’s only been a week ago. I did a blog over on GAX and as I am a bad speller and no idea where to put things ,like ; ” ‘ or even when do I Cap a letter. No one has realy said any thing ,but I will just feel better having my own place. At GAX when you post its there for all to see. It is a great site and the people are great .but as all places there is allways a few that can be a pain in the butt. Her I can blog about what ever I want and if so one wants to read it. They will have to come here to do it. I would hope that they would just click off if they can’t deal with my spelling.
As you can see I only use little words and some times I have to go a long way around some thing to say what I want to say ,becouse I can spell that well.

What is up with the name of this Blog?
Well it’s becouse thats how I started into MMO’s. EverQuest was my first MMO. I had what some would call a life back then. I started off my MMO life only on saturdays and saturday nights if I had friends on and we was doing some long quest…Think in EQ thay was all long. Any way it started of like being some ones movie night. There entertainment for the week. so for me that was Saturday. Still is…along with any othere day I can fit it in.

My main game is Vanguard saga of heroes. My PC is old and as I said is being upgraded. I put the order into newegg tonight for a nice video card ,some ram 2 gigs ,and a sound card. I allso went on and got EQ2 so I can play with my younger brother. EQ2 is the only game he wants to play as of now. I am sure I will have him in vanguard soon.

I have started out doing some thing that Beau started the Immersion Project. I am having fun playing Vanguard and if you thought VG was hard core. Put some funk on it with the Immersion Project or as I have come to call it “IP”. No mapes unless you have on in hand. I got one in hand . Not thats it done much good for me. It reminds me a lot of the first time I started playing EverQuest. I had no idea what I was doing. I knew so little that I din’t even know what to ask the few people that was trying to help me. Now in Vanguard. I have to go find my dead body after I have been killed. So far Dieing is the only way I have found to get back to my home town with out taking a few hours. In witch case I end up running up on some thing that I shouldn’t had came across and dieing any way. So I make it back home after all. I have only had five day of play in Vanguard and have been loving. I only loaded up EQ2 so that I could play some with my brother. EQ2 is fun ,but it’s no Vanguard.
I will call Vanguard saga of heroes VG for now on.

i think any one that would be reading this would know me any way ,but just incase some one found this site and wanted to know a little about the Blogger My gaming name is Alik Steel. My real name is John McDuffie. I live in the south of the US. A little town called Mobile in the state of Alabama. I am what some would call a redneck or a good ol boy. I am 38 years old for a few more months and I have played games all my life. I did get into a lot of othere things over the years ,But all ways would come back to the games. My first game was Pong. I am starting all back over in life after one little sickness that I had. It took all most every thing from me. I could not go to work becouse of it. I could not stay awake that long. I allso think becouse of no real sleep it must had made me look or act in a way that I would never no as my self. I just could not get a job. For two years it was like that for me. I soon found my self calling jobs that I had done before. One of my first jobs I ever had was at the aitport. Working the flights ,A old friend was still there. He gave me a job and I am over my problem thanks to my Cpap I sleep with now. Oh what am I sick with? Sleep Apnea ,any way I have money coming back in and things are just getting better for me.

I hope that i did not put to meny people a sleep or Had to meny people pulling there hair out on trying to decipher my spelling.

Alik Steel


June 10, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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